What is CBD?

The cannabidiol or CBD compound is primarily found in marijuana. It is used as a natural pain killer. Most of the CBD oil comes from the industrial hemp and has larger CBD levels than marijuana. Yet it is non-intoxicating. Various methods are used to extract the mixture. It is added to the carrier oil known as CBD oil. Its strength varies as per the concentration and must be used after the consultation of the doctor.

How CBD Works?

CBD, like other Cannabinoids, affects the body by attacking our receptors. Our body has two cannabinoids receptors. CBD1 is present in the entire body, but significantly in the brain. They manage the coordination, moods, memories, appetite, and a lot more. CBD2 is linked with the immune system and helps relieving pain and inflammation. CBD oil doesn’t attack receptors but induces the body to use its cannabinoids.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Some of the benefits of CBD are its natural pain-relieving ability and anti-inflammatory qualities. It can also be used to quit smoking and drug withdrawal. Other than this, CBD can help fight cancer and is also advised to treat people with a chronic anxiety disorder. The list of benefits is endless, from acne to Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Also, CBD oil is used to improve heart health and sleep quality.

How to Use CBD Oil?

The effect of CBD oil on the body mostly depends on the ways it is consumed. Using the oil is in no way similar to smoking cannabis. The dosage should be taken as prescribed by a practicing physician that largely depends on the bodyweight of the individual and the ailment to be cured. Maintaining caution while using the product is a must as it can lead to side effects like tiredness and diarrhea.

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